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We, as many say blessed by God about the fate places we live we have destined her ephemeral our leaders know it and feel it with totii.Un special place about which to write, not the place where I coplilarit.Ci was born and more than a place where I spent my youth in all aspects ei.Inainte 1989, when I was assigned to a joint militia near Sighisoara, saxon village of Archita is talking, Gypsy, Hungarian , romaneste.Localitatea is surrounded by hills, forest less now in their middle ages village is to be found one of the fortified monastery fortress walls 1200.intre year is bell parsonage, festive hall, pantry foods that are used and today the descendants of locals, though most are Roma.
We the period of "before" when Sunday locitorii regardless of nationality village streets from wearing their Matra, painted park bench, I omitted to say that the Saxons Build a beautiful park that's Udrea in 1200, no money to guvern.Serile Saturday and Sunday are generally organized at Celebration hall sasilor.Unde with small and large, sas, Hungarian, Romanian, spent until the next morning in a friendly atmosphere of joy.
What remains then, cetatetea with bell city chambers where villagers still stored meat, paved the way for hundreds of years, row houses near the road by residents to keep their fragrance can inopta trecute.Inca times, and traditionally spend a ambinta placuta.De here and "start" the British royal family for preserving these locuri.Chiar you are a more reserved optimistic among us still believe that there are people who know and can highlight these blessed places and people
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