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Humic Acid

            We talked a lot these last years on the deterioration of the quality of the food. Studies of « United States Department of Agriculture » show a reduction of about 25 - 80% of minerals in our food. The alarming fact is that food which is cultivated does not contain any more the level of minerals necessary to our well-being due to the augmented use of pesticides and fertilizers. The result is that the foods we harvest today does not contain anymore the nutrients we need to be healthy. Instead they may contain heavy metals. Animals are fed with growing hormones and antibiotics which contain heavy metals. We cannot rely on the food industry for a good nutrition anymore. Of course, if food does not contain minerals essential to our well being, we develop diseases. Our body stores the many toxins we ingest from different sources on a daily basis. Our body becomes very high in acid (PH) and less alkaline. Regularly, your body needs to be cleansed in order to eliminate such toxins. Your digestive, glandular and cardio-vascular systems need to be cleansed to prevent diseases. If not, we developed high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, allergies, eczema......... We do not catch these diseases, we develop them because the level of acid in our body is too high.

The Solution: Humic acid

Humic Acid is a completely natural ingredient that is proving to have a very long list of beneficial and therapeutic effects. Humic acid is found in moor mud. (Moor means healing earth.) This mud is extracted from thousands of years old bog (swamp). Every summer, over 1,500 different plants grow in this bog, taking energy from the sun and converting it into chlorophyll, vitamins, and enzymes. Every fall, these plants die and begin to decompose. Over such a long decomposing process these plants are transformed into biochemical substances known as trace minerals, vitamins, phyto-hormones. This special mud (moor) contains an active ingredient that cannot be scientifically reproduced. It's called Humic Acid. It is this ingredient that gives moor mud its healing properties.

Humic acid, which is a completely natural, non-toxic substance, is proving to have therapeutic effects on a variety of common pain afflictions, like:

- arthritic and rheumatic pain, joint and muscle pain
- rough, dry, itchy skin,
- bursitis, tendinitis....
- skin care and Skin Disorders (acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and rashes....)
- thin skin, wrinkles and age spots,
- burns, wounds, sores and scars,
- joint inflammation, stiffness, injuries, surgery, overuse, sports.

This pain relief mud will give you the power to live your life to the fullest.

Here are some of the benefits of humic acid:

- anti-aging
- skin healing, hydration, rejuvenation, firming and protection
- anti-inflammatory
- anti-viral
- removal of toxins and the absorption of nutrients; reduces the acidity (PH) level in your body
- hormones balancing
- relief of pain and reduce stress
- supports a healthy immune system
- gives the sense of well- being
- adaptogen (helps absorb the nutrients)

Humic acid is the most powerful antioxidant in the world and is the key for the prevention and the elimination of diseases in the world.

We should take mud baths on a regular basis (2-3 times per week) or foot soak (3-4 times per week) to improve our health. We should take a 21 day cleanse (2-4 times a year) to eliminate the toxins accumulated in our body and to prevent diseases. When we have a serious problem, like arthritis, high blood pressure, hot flashes....., we should take 21 mud baths, 21 days in a row, and then 2-3 times a week.

Many people take mud baths after work outs, sports, surgery and before physical therapy, or chiropractic treatment to reduce pain and help the joints feel better. The humic acid from the mud enters your bloodstream through your skin and stimulates production of endorphins through the adrenal glands, in effect helping the body produce its own natural pain relievers.

If you have skin problems like stings, bits, sun burn, rashes, scratches, dermatitis, cuts, eczema, psoriasis..... you should apply the mud directly on the skin, wrap and leave it overnight. The humic acid in moor mud has been shown to stimulate cell regeneration and can greatly improve or even eliminate the problem.

Because of the toxic environment we live in and because of the food we ingest, our bodies absorb heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury, etc. which are then stored in our tissues. Over time these build up, causing all sorts of health problems like chronic pain, diabetes, stomach problems, hypertension, cholesterol...... Humic acid is a natural chelator removing heavy metals (toxins) from the body.

If you have hormones problems like menopause, menstrual, andropause... bathing in this therapeutic mud helps regulate and normalize the hormone levels in your body. Moor mud also rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. If you apply the mud directly to your face and let it dry, you will see an improvement in skin texture, smoothness and firmness after just one application. It is like a non-surgical face lifts. You could also use it on other areas of your body.

In addition to these properties, humic acid also act as an ADAPTOGEN. Cultivated, pasteurized, homogenized and freeze-dried, this bio-available adaptogen is of such superior quality, it had been renamed MoorMax. When added to nutritional supplements, it acts as an ADAPTOGEN and they are more readily and completely absorbed and utilized. This natural  therapeutic mud has changed the life of many persons.  If you care about your health and the health of your loved ones, you owe it to yourself to investigate this.

There are hundreds of pain relief products on the market and it may seem like you already tried everything. Have you tried the one with humic acid which are 100% natural? Today the demand for higher quality of life brings us to put more emphasis on natural products.

This mud comes from an 18,000 year old Canadian bog and has a higher concentration of humic acid than any other bog in the world. (34% compare to 9% in Europe and Asia). This mud provides all-natural healing powers that cannot be found ANYWHERE else!

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Céline Rochat


Get Rid of Pain with Humic Acid (Moormax).

Humic Acid is the most powerful antioxidant in the world.

Humic Acid is the key for the prevention and elimination of diseases in the world.

This natural  therapeutic mud has changed the life of many persons.  If you care about your health and the health of your loved ones, you owe it to yourself to investigate this.

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